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Korg 01/W & 01/WFD I tried to use "MIDI OX" to transfer SysEx soundbanks to this synthesizer. I have only had failures. But one day, I found this program: ChangeIt. Thanks to him, I can transfer my SysEx soundbanks and it works perfectly. It is supported by Windows 11. Here is the owner's website: here.
Korg 05R/W & X5DR I bought this Korg 05R/W expander from someone who was selling it on Audiofanzine. If you look for the French manual for the Korg 05R/W, you come up empty! But if you are looking for the Korg X5DR manual, you will easily find it there. Apparently it's the same beast. But these are scanned images. Normal because the beast dates from 1995. I don't know if a PDF (Text) version was published at the time. No worries. When I bought the Korg 05R/W, I got the X5DR manual in French. I scanned it entirely in grayscale (not in black and white as some do), the covers are in blue (like the original cyanotype type). I processed the image to make the slightly gray backgrounds white and darken the blacks. Yes, because by "whitening" the pages, the blacks become light. I converted the images to PDF file and ocerized them (image to text conversion). So with my file, you can search for a word in the document.
Manuel Korg 05R/W & X5DR (Text)
Manuel Korg 05R/W & X5DR (Images)
I recommend that you download the 2 versions (Text and Images) because the ocerization is automatic, there are surely errors.
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